Feiras Francas

“Feiras Francas” represent promotional events showcasing creative talent, serving as a platform to engage new audiences, introduce novel products, and revive traditions. These events engage both residents and tourists within the historical center of Porto. Utilizing newspapers has been a consistent means to promote both the event and participating artists. The cover illustration serves as a visual representation of the theme, with the chosen theme for this particular edition being “Creative Territories.” The underlying concept was to unite emerging talent from different regions within the Porto Metropolitan Area, providing a space to exchange ideas and showcase their creative output. This particular iteration of “Feiras Francas” marked one of its largest editions. The principal challenge in designing the cover revolved around finding a unifying thread that tied together the diverse themes explored by the artists. Their individual skills and techniques varied significantly. Given that the theme centered on the broader Metropolitan Area of Porto rather than the distinct works of each artist, the concept of “cities as our own home” emerged. The cover design, in line with this concept, involved incorporating the contours of each zone within the Porto Metropolitan Area and creating a map using architectural drawings. This map visually conveyed the notion of each zone as a nurturing ground for creative talent.


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