Let’s Travel

The use of digital communication media, such as websites, social networks, web platforms, and mobile applications, has experienced exponential growth in recent years, enabling global interaction and the sharing of information. The development of new forms of social interaction tailored to the interests of specific users has become increasingly common. “Let’s Travel” is a web platform designed to address a specific need in the field of tourism. Developed by the GECAD group, the portal functions like a social network while providing tourist information about points of interest to visit in a city, facilitating trip planning. The primary focus of this Master’s project in Communication Design is on the interface design. To achieve this, an analysis of the main requirements and issues related to Let’s Travel, both structurally and visually, was conducted. The goal is to create an appealing, intuitive, and effective solution for the platform’s interface. Visual research and literary references, as well as techniques related to the project’s subject matter, were necessary to support the development and construction of the new interface for the Let’s Travel platform and its corresponding visual identity.


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