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Hora Torguiana CD Design

Hora Torguiana

The album artwork for “Hora Torguiana” draws inspiration from the rich and introspective poetry of Miguel Torga and the melancholic feeling of Fado. It’s
Concerto de Natal Poster Sete Notas

Concerto de Natal

The Christmas Concert posters employ a versatile design structure suitable for annual use. They prominently feature Christmas-related colors, seamlessly integrating festive hues into the
Audição Final de Ano Sete Notas

Audição Final de Ano

These posters were design as a running series that had the duration of three years, in which promoted the end of year audition of
Yos Economical Development Report

Yos Economical Development

Branding design for Yos. Details of this project were generously shared by FuseHub, a Vancouver Island-based marketing and communication firm known for delivering top-tier quality
CME Education Association Backpack

CME Education Association

Branding for an education association in Vancouver. The branding was based on the classical badge a the use of the leaf symbol. Details of
Emetteu Recepteur

Emetteu Recepteur

Poster designed for the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont with the theme: “Graphic design, qu’est-ce que c’est?” Design Art Direction Services 
ModularGxP Symbols Branding


ModularGxP is dedicated to offering customized educational media services designed for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Whether it involves GxP Annual Refresher training
XII Grande Noite do Fado Académico Branding

XII Grande Noite de Fados Académicos

  The poster’s concept aimed to suggest the outline of a guitar neck through a textured text stain, complemented by an illustration of a
XI Grande Noite do Fado Académico Poster

XI Grande Noite de Fados Académicos

  The ISEP Fado Group annually arranges an event called “Fado Académico,” featuring traditional music performed by college students. Each event brings together diverse

HKR Insight

HKR Insight is a company specializing in real-time data, reports, and analytics for clinicians, aiming to revolutionize the diagnosis, treatment, and care of knee
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